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Robata is a Japanese restaurant across from Kochi Ke where you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine to complete your Kochi Ke experience.

It’s a cosy restaurant with helpful staff happy to assist you with any enquiries. Robata serves both different meats and fish with vegetables in a Japanese style BBQ on skewers. Along with a food menu Robata also offers a varied drinks menu with over 30 beers from allover the world.

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This way you can travel the world of beer for example starting in China, going through Belgium and ending all the way in Mexico. There are also other drinks on sale.

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It’s the perfect way to enjoy some drinks with friends or family at an authentic Japanese restaurant whilest eating some delicious food. As you order per skewer, it’s a kind of Japanese BBQ tapas experience. Don’t forget to check this place out while staying at Kochi Ke.

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